Officers & Board Members

          2017 – 2018 CLIA Officers

                          President                                            Lynn Wilbur

                    Vice President                                   Kelly Pauley

                    Secretary                                            John Felicetti

                    Treasurer                                           Rayna Henry


          Officers serve a one-year term


          Board of Directors                              

                         Frank Gabianelli, Gene Henry, Nora Jepson, Lynn LeCours,

                    Margo Mensing, Peter Moore, Elisa Mussi, Eileen Musso,

                    Sheila Rappazzo, Susan Roach, Linda Snell, Richard Snyder


          Directors serve a three-year term


The Annual Election Meeting will be held on August 25th, 2018 at 10:00 am

   Officers: Officers serve a 1 year term. The 2019 Officer Nominees are:

          President - Lynn Wilbur

          Vice President - Kelly Pauley

          Treasurer - OPEN

          Secretary - John Felicetti

   Board of Directors: 1/3 (4 members) of the Board is up for election each year. Directors serve a 3 year term. The 2019 Board of Directors Nominees are:

          Gene Henry

          Rayna Henry

          Peter Moore

          Peg Pahoulis

   The floor will be open for other nominations at the General Membership Meeting on July 14th, 2018